The Documentary That Changed My Life


Half a decade ago I watched a documentary that changed the way I see the world. Inside Job is undoubtedly one of the best films I’ve ever watched. They managed to articulate the complex phenomena of the Financial Crisis while keeping the film entertaining.

Shocked and puzzled by the film, I was eager to learn more — and become more and more convinced that something was seriously wrong. Financial institutions, I was shocked to discover, weren’t actually doing good for society. And the government, to my dismay, was strongly tied with the corrupt financial institutions.

Ever since then, I was determined that I need to spend my life working to fix the shocking brokenness I’d discovered. And the best way to do that, I concluded, was to try to build a different financial system from scratch.

How do we transform the financial system? We need to build a new system that is so attractive that people want to join.

This is a call for revolution — a revolution to reduce opaqueness in a financial system, to align incentives of players well in the system, and to split them into manageable modules.