Hey there,

My name is Taisuke Mino and most people call me Tai. I am a Japanese programmer who has been obsessed with the blockchain since 2013. My mission is to build a healthy financial system for all. While I was in South Park Commons, I started to build a DeFi protocol called Carapace. We raised $2.5m for our venture, and we aim to accelerate transition to decentralized finance.

I am interested in many things and consider myself a generalist. I’m not the best programmer in the world, but I can design a crypto protocol, write articles, sell a product, raise funds, hire talent, and design UX. I am not the best in the world in any of them but I am fairly good at all of them.

I adore reading books, watching documentaries, playing strategic games, doing calisthenics, and cooking/exploring vegan food.

Writing is such a crucial part of my life. I write to think everyday. I publish some of them in this blog and freeCodeCamp.