The Biological Revolution Is Going to Manipulate the Process of Evolution Itself


I’m fascinated and shocked by what’s happening in the field of computational biology.

Biologists used to think that only 2% of the gene plays a critical role, but as the gene analysis technology advanced, it became clear that the other 98% is not necessarily junk(They did dismiss it as junk). For example, they discovered that some genes were in charge of our face formation or resistance to various kinds of diseases. Other genes even control the timing and volume of substance production in our bodies.

Although we still don’t know much about the role the other 98% could play, the gene analysis has been making more and more discoveries.

As we figure out the mystery of the gene code more, we might be able to have the high-level genetic programming language that compiles down to the gene code. Genes are based on code just like a computer language. Instead of zeros and ones, four DNA letters — A, C, T, G — encode all of life. This is just the base 4 number where you use these four symbols and make a combination out of them. In fact, there have been some attempts to create the language already.

Imagine that we can artificially program genes so that the next generation can have better intelligence, looks, resistance to diseases and so on.

Our gene, for the most part, is the combination of the genes from our parents. The fraction of it arises from mutation(which is critical for evolution). Now we are saying that we can program the mutation.

Homo Sapiens have been bypassing the evolution with the use of technology. (e.g. we don’t have to evolve to fly.) The biological revolution is going to manipulate the process of evolution itself.